Pendulum Workshops

This is an art and science of bridging the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. The workshop teaches you how to communicate the information from subconscious mind to conscious mind using a mechanical device known as PENDULUM. Pendulum is defined as any item that is weighted and dangles from a string, wire or chain. Although there are beautiful pendulums available, simple clear quartz crystal and amethyst are inexpensive and just as effective.

Those reading bio-rhythms, or working with Chakra cleansing and balancing, will opt for a colored stone that is congruent to the subject matter. Perhaps, dowsing is best known for locating water (dowsing for water), gold, oil, and other minerals, but dowsers have also used pendulum dowsing to find missing keys, eyeglasses, jewelry, and literally anything they put their minds to

You Will Be Learning:

  • An Introduction To Dowsing
  • Tuning Your Own Pendulum
  • Working With Dowsing Charts
  • Working Without Charts
  • Dowsing The Chakras
  • Dowsing For Yourself And Others
  • Applications Of Dowsing

Duration : 2 Day and 3 Hr.

We also conduct workshops for closed groups like students, corporate employees or any other groups on request.