Past Life Healing

Past life recall is highly experiential and allows a direct contact with the source of one’s current misery, phobia, or illness. Seeing oneself in a different time, space, and reality from where the source of fear emanated brings clarity and dissolution of fear.

Immortality is often a mere concept to a believer and in many cases, even to genuine spiritual seekers. Past life recall makes it experiential. According to Subbu, this realization kill fears and chronic patterns and conditions in one’s current lifetime. In a nutshell, the therapy helps a subject to know that he is not his personality-self but a being who is eternal.

Subbu uses meditative trance to take his clients into the past life experience where they will recall past life events and understand the root cause of their negative emotions and turmoil.

The blockages that the person has been experiencing are cleared, and the person is able to lead a fuller life, pursuing his or her goals with greater confidence and with a greater faith in the benevolence of the universe.

Duration : 3 hrs