HEALING TALKS.. talk it out

We tend to slip out of our awareness, and many times it happens when we need awareness and healing the most. Deep inside we might know what are our problems and have all the keys to healing within. But as we loose the awareness, we fail to see the situation clearly and cannot find the solution by ourselves.

Healing Talks helps you to see the problematic situation with more clarity. With the help of the therapist in Healing Talks, you can understand the origin of your current problem and thereby find the solution. It takes great courage to look through the problems, and to take responsibility of them. Taking one’s own responsibility is nothing but realizing the unconscious patterns of one self and healing them. Healing can happen only within.

Talk it out. Let the energy flow trough you. Healing talks is the kind of session which can help you with the process of looking in and understanding your self and the situations with more clarity. Sometimes with open eyes, sometimes with eyes closed.

Duration : 3 hr