Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage This is an ancient technique of creating a beautiful Harmony and Balance in the Body using Massage. It creates Health and Wellbeing in the Body. Because of our Lifestyle, Emotions and stress, our Body goes through a lot of damage. Through this technique of Ayurveda Massage - which takes you into a very deep state of Relaxation - you can create Health and Balance in your Body. In deep relaxation, our defence mechanisms drop and our hidden Memories in the layers of the Body start to come up. As they start coming up we address them and release these memories. The Body returns to its Original Health. As a result, we can perform better and live life with a deeper connectivity with the Universal Energy. Also using the understanding of the Doshas of the Being, we use the required Technique to balance the Body and create Harmony in Life. Each massage lasts about an hour and a half

Duration : 1 Hr. 30 Min